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Welcome to Touch Kauai's Blog!

The Hawaiian Island of Kauai called us 'home' in 2002. Since 2005 we have hosted visitors from all over the world and facilitated inspiring retreats and healing journeys. With every customer we have evolved.

Now, almost 20 years later, our 'toolbox' is rich with resources and creative expressions. Our offerings are even more customized than ever before and go far beyond just business. We become Ohana, family with our clients, and together we hold the vision of a peaceful, soulful life on earth. This is why we now started this Touch Kauai blog and community page. It keeps us connected with you in a way that feels just right.

If you don't know us yet, we are Katharina and Enrico Becker, both born and raised in Germany. We met here on the Garden Island of Kauai, and are happily together ever since. Sharing our Aloha is a part of our life's mission.

Here is a little overview of the last 20 years.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Touch Kauai started out with simple massages. You can read other blog posts here and dive deeper into our history. For now, we just like to let you know, that after all these years we still love to provide massages, couples massages and especially Hawaiian lomilomi massages.

"The best massage ever" and "an amazing experience of goodness" are just a few of the raving comments that we hear from our customers.

Kauai Island Experiences

Kauai has a special energy. Very special. It is different here than at other places in the world. It's simply magic for lack of a better word. The lush nature as well as the Hawaiian culture is alive and we continue to be profoundly touched by the exposure to the aina, (to the land), and to the authentic Hawaiian way of being.

This prompted us to share everything we love about the Hawaiian Islands, especially about Kauai.

Not only do we spend time with our clients on the majestic beaches and mountaintops, magnificent waterfalls and healing river valleys, but also with Hawaiian Elders and local community projects.

We believe that we earned the support of the local community because of the purity of our hearts, and our deep desire to appreciate and celebrate the unique and precious treasures we are surrounded with, as well as the wonderful essence we each bring to this planet.

Personal Discovery - Retreats on Kauai

Diving into the diversity of Kauai and being surrounded by Aloha has proven itself to being purely heart opening. A singing heart invites the innermost light to come forth, encouraging personal quest, changing of perspectives, transformation and healing. With utmost respect and awe for each individual's life journey, we facilitate amazing self-discovery, magical AHA-moments and insightful remembering.

Together with our clients, we co-create experiences and memories that transcend time, improving personal lives, family dynamics and even company successes, globally.

Contact us to learn more

Bridging Experiences, Bridging Cultures

With increasing awareness of the impact of our work/vocation we realize the importance of furthering building bridges even more. Not only bridging the diversity of Kauai's Nature and Culture with the Healing Arts within similar minded people, but also bridging people of different walks and talks. The time is now to truly come together. Bridging minds and hearts.

People of different cultural backgrounds, different personalities, as well as people with different mental, emotional, financial and spiritual exposure/history, people of different ages etc are invited to come together.

Everyone holds a unique gift to contribute to a greater cause. We like to encourage a deeper appreciation of self and each other, and strengthen the ability to expand the vision and perception of self and others for new and creative solutions to co-creating peace on earth.

We believe that we have the ability to connect to ourselves, to each other, to a higher source (whatever you may call that), to the land and our global resources with the vibration of Oneness, which we can access through our connection with our innermost light, which we call at Touch Kauai our Soul Light.

Explore with us

All of the above is interwoven: consciousness, physical touch, cultural exposure, nature adventures, self-discovery, love, co-creation, awakening, celebration, uplift, trust, encouragement, responsibility, response-ability, conflict resolution, and in all of this ALOHA and OHANA.

Explore with us, here on this page, as well as in person on Kauai or anywhere else, how we can expand bridge-ability together.

Live and Online. Surf this page, surf our services on our homepage, comment here or simply text us or give us a call. We appreciate your connection with us.

Mahalo nui loa

Katharina and Enrico Becker

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