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Kauai Experiences

Touch Kauai Experiences

A creative and individualized mix of facilitated experiences JUST FOR YOU!


Since 2005


Kauai, the Garden Island is our home where we facilitate your Kauai Experience with and for you. We have also taken our clients to other Hawaiian islands: to the Big Island, to Oahu, to Maui and to Molokai.

Kauai Experiences are everything from nature adventures to nature meditations, lovingly prepared picnics, talkstories, self reflection in Kauai's landscape and culture, cultural exposure etc.
Examples are hikes through lush jungle landscapes, to majestic waterfalls, enchanted coastlines or panoramic mountaintops. Guided meditations at powerful sites and peaceful sanctuaries, simple sightseeing and especially 'sight-being' to truly connect with the splendor of Kauai's beauty and yourself at the same time. We fully customize each experience to individual desire and abilities.
Let us listen to your soul's calling and we'll individualize a Touch Kauai Experience with and for you.
Welcome, E komo mai!

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