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Soul Quest: Who are you?

Project Type

Personal growth


On Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. And: we offer global access through our various online offerings via zoom.


This work is evolving since 2005 with every single customer we had the opportunity to learn from. In the past several years it has become more evident that our soul work is a unique gift that stands on its own.

Once you come in touch with Kauai your soul memory shines to the forefront. Questions arise: who are you at the core of your being? Are you in alignment with your authentic, brilliant self? How do you express yourself in this world? Are you compromising your inner knowing, can you stand in your truth? Do you truly love and value yourself?
Throughout all of our work, we have learned to connect to our customers at the roots of this soul quest with surprising unfoldings of magical AHA-moments and significant, beautiful life transformations.
You may choose to discover, evolve and nurture your soul potential through our Touch Kauai massages, Kauai nature experiences, and discovery retreats. Or, take it a step further: make it a point to put yourself to the center of your attention, engage in our uplifting soul quest and soul celebration process: find personal alignment, balance in relationships and family dynamics as well as meaningful and effective work-solutions.

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